We Are - Special Circle

Bring everyone together,
faster, more completely, easier

Collaborate, empathize, optimize, visualize, quantify

Use advanced, mobile cloud tools to advance special needs’ learning process.

Because there is only limited time to accomplish so much, share so much, and bring together everyone involved.


Everyone shares appropriate information with each other - school, teachers, therapists, parents, educational administrators, physicians, claims department, compliance team, payors


All-in-one view dashboards keep stakeholders aware of all goals, progress, percentages completion


Multiple platforms include PC, smart phones. Incorporate time-stamped notes, remarks, video, audio and “comments”. Cloud rules make data centralized yet customized

Helping People To

Get a Better Life

Every people is deserved to have a better living



Special Circle brings together everyone to share data, build consensus goals, transmit information, and promote collaborative sense of community. We also work with other related application, agency’s systems, and government reporting tools.



We provide everyone with dashboards to show progress toward IEP/ISP goals, access into right type of information, cloud-enabled appropriate data for different users for their different needs. SpecialCircle makes hidden piles of data easy to see through, see together.


Uniform goals

We believe that the best way to help our children is by building sense of teamwork, shared values and win-win among everyone involved. We help all educators, care-givers and regulators/ administrators to share same goals, across different settings (e.g. private care at home, self-paid therapy at external facilities, school classrooms).


Ease of use

Educators and parents need a easy way to navigate through, enter data, brose through worklists, and make decisions. Special Circle makes it all easier with tools like Siri voice recognition, video capture, voice sharing, intuitive mobile app layout based on very familiar design themes. So there is quicker entry time, and more willingness for everyone to use it.



Role based, audit trail captured, encrypted (at-rest and in-transit data), authentication protected, access-monitored, malware/virus/phishing protected, and HIPAA compliant. Access into Special Circle is easy, quick and also very secure.


Standardized/ Optimized

Special Circles team believes that, just like all other major disciplines of healthcare, special needs care tool needs to be standardized. We provide out-of-box templates based on proven methodologies (including and not limited to ABA), New York (USA) special needs practices, uniformed codes, reliable list of IEP goals repository / goals to choose from.

Our Happy Teams

Here is the people behind this great app


Lawrence Lin

Co-Founder / CEO


Darren Yang

Co-Founder / CTO


Kathleen Loftus

Co-Founder / VP


Phoebe Liao

Co-Founder / CCO


YanFei Ran

Co-Founder / Counsel